Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula’s Shadow Cabinet is formed as a government in the waiting. Nkumbula promises to "breathe down the neck" of Finance Minister A. Wina. At a 2,000 strong ANC rally in Kafue J. Simukonda urges members not to pay the Personnel Levy, as people are poor. Kaunda tells a 40,000 strong UNIP rally that the United Nations (UN) is coming to help Northern Rhodesia with a five-year development plan. Moore Pottery, Central Africa's only pottery is to increase production by 150 percent. Owner Mr. Sam du Pre Moore says he hopes to increase production from 1,000 pieces a week to 2,500 pieces.


Education  Minister  John  Mwanakatwe  plans  to  accelerate racial integration in schools and lower the restrictions that kept most Africans out of fee-paying schools. Ridgeway Hotel expands from its 96 rooms established in 1953 to add a new wing to bring the total beds to 120.  Twenty five thousand people are massacred in Rwanda. A building spree occurs in Lusaka as it welcomes new civil servants, causing a hike in prices of building material. Northern Rhodesia’s population is to rise by 40% by 1975, according to census results. Kaunda spends £30,000 on a new fleet of American cars for cabinet.


The minimum wage for farm workers threatens the farm industry warns the Commercial Farmers Union of Northern Rhodesia. African miners’ union wants higher wages. Three hundred African ticket paid workers strike at Ndola Refinery over bonuses. UNIP MP Mr. Mateyo Kakumbi of Serenje dies aged 51. Death toll of the small pox epidemic is up to 14 for this year, while 252 contracted the disease in January last month in Northern Rhodesia. The Lusaka PTA of two schools, Gilbert Rennie High School and

Jean Rennie High School – pay the school fees for 61 children. The European with alleged ANC gun cache is still not arrested.

Prime Minister Kaunda buys £30,000 worth of new 1963 American Chevy Impala limos for his ministers after taking office on January 22nd  1964


New rent regulations in Northern Rhodesia dictate that employees that do not provide adequate accommodation for workers will have to pay 55s to each employee as rent allowance. Africans are being turned away from Bancroft mine clinic because of a lack of facilities. United Nations and Northern Rhodesia government prepare the blueprint for Northern Rhodesia's future. Wild dogs attack a farm 30 km from Livingstone.    The Nkana/Kitwe and Kalulushi branches of the Wildlife Conservation Society of Northern Rhodesia declare war on poachers. Traders hit by a market blaze in Kitwe get new stalls.


“Feed-the-People” Plan for Northern Rhodesia game reserve areas are introduced as Kafue, and the two Luangwa valley parks are divided into "game viewing" areas and "judicious hunting". Natural Resources Minister Sipalo says the meat will be sold cheaply to supplement the diet of generally hungry villagers. Anglo American makes staff changes in Northern Rhodesia.

A new army at Tug Argan Barracks near Ndola being trained, February 7th, 1964


Liberian President William Tubman criticizes Kaunda's move to establish diplomatic ties with South Africa. Bancroft Town Management Board is looking for a nursing sister to run the African clinic after mounting complaints of waiting for treatment and poor services from staff.


Sky diver Mrs. Eva Pettersen, aged 44, plunges 3,000 feet to her death when her parachute fails to open, until she is just 50 feet from the ground. In Mufulira, UNIP MP John Chisata  tells  a  crowd  of  6,000  UNIP  supporters that, Africanisation" of all Government departments and all industries is one of the main aims of the  Government. Roan Selection Trust (RST) profits are up £500,000 over 1963.

FEBRUARY 10 1964

Minister of Housing & Social Development Hyden Banda announces  a  £3 million  scheme  to  put  50,000  African youths into jobs, in an attempt to end political rivalry. Mr Banda who has led UNIP's youth wing for the past three years envisages a chain of youth camps throughout the country giving vocational training to "confused and frustrated" Africans in their teens and early twenties. Two cars are stolen on the Copperbelt including property worth £1,000. Dr. Kaunda is to attend an Organisation of African Unity (OAU) meeting in Dar- Es-Salaam.

FEBRUARY 11 1964

In Mufulira, UNIP complains to the management of the biggest store in Mufulira, Mac Cleland Ltd, that European customers are served before Africans, even if Africans are first in the queue. Bancroft African Clinic gets a nursing sister. Mr. Simon Kapwepwe denies that UNIP lent office  space  to  Angolan  rebels.  The Luanshya-based Central African Chamber of Commerce and Industry is dissolved in favour of the Zambian Chamber of Commerce and Industry headed by Mr. Vemos Chomba. In Ndola, two African National Congress (ANC) houses are attacked. Copperbelt soccer bosses approve amalgamation.

FEBRUARY 12 1964

Transport Minister R. Kamanga says work may start on a railway link to Tanganyika and is to cost £17 million plus. No compensation will be given to Rhodesia Railways. Africans   are   looking   for   farms   at   the   Ministry   of Agriculture but Agriculture Minister E. Mudenda says, "I would like to see them get farms but the problem at the moment is money". Many jobless school leavers could find a job in the government, says Thornicroft, the Parliamentary Secretary for Education. A UNIP house in Mufulira is stoned. Whites should leave if they cannot accept Africans says Alexander B. Chikwanda.

FEBRUARY 13 1964

Northern Rhodesia's national airline today starts a campaign to recruit African airhostesses for Zambia Airways that will operate in cojnunction with the Central African Airways (CAA). Unmarried women aged between 19 and 29 are being invited to fill the positions of airhostesses. Mozambique’s liberation movement FRELIMO, fighting for independence from Portugal, opens an operational base within UNIP’s Lusaka offices. Hundreds give a hero's welcome to Simon Ber Zukas after a Deportation Order imposed on him in 1952 is lifted. Lusaka Police raid ANC headquarters. Nkumbula is angry with Northern Rhodesia Governor Sir Evelyn Hone.

FEBRUARY 14 1964

Food storages in Northern Rhodesia are investigated by the Agriculture Ministry. Northern Rhodesia Post Offices stop issuing television and radio licenses because of the change from the Federal Broadcasting Corporation to the Northern Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation and this change also requires an amendment in legislation. Mr. Paul Emrys- Evans’,  British South Africa Company (BSAC) president  says,  over  the  issue  of  mineral rights that "when ever the government is ready to do so" he is ready to discuss the matter. Lusaka's Sea Cadet Corps proves popular as it gives training in water customs, immigration  and   water   police   and   fishery  protection patrols.

American Jonathan Keehn, the only white pupil in a school of 450 Africans, February 16th, 1964

FEBRUARY 16 1964

A new international airport is to cost £2.5 million reveals

  1. R. Kamang Twins, a boy and a girl, are born to Mrs.

Betty Kaunda, wife of the Prime Minister Dr. Kaunda. Lusaka's Olympic size swimming pool, opened six weeks ago, is leaking 5,000-10,000 gallons of water each day. ANC announces its master plan. The Ndola Roman Catholic Bishop Right Reverend Francis Mazzieri pledges the loyalty of all Catholics to the Northern Rhodesian African rulers. After serving six months as a political prisoner at Bwana Mkubwa Prison, Mr. Andrew Mutemba is to take over Mr. A. B. Chikwanda's seat in Parliament.

Prime Minister Kaunda disembarks from Zambia Airways’ first plane after an inspection, February 17th, 1964

FEBRUARY 17 1964

Zambia Airways' first plane is a DC-3 with flights from Lusaka,   Kariba,   Ndola   and   Kitwe.   Kaunda   and   his ministers  try  out  the  plane.  Europeans  in  Mazabuka insult Local Government Minister N. Mundia as he drives past  them  in  his  official  car.  The  Europeans  shout, "Kaffir Minister". This was the second incident of such a case to be reported. Cold Storage Board (CSB) awards higher  beef  prices  at  5 shillings  per  pound.  The  Association  of Northern Rhodesian Industries gives government a proposed plan to create thousands of jobs and bring in foreign investment.

FEBRUARY 18 1964

The Gabon Army topples President Leon Mba. COMINOR cautions the proposed Association of Northern Rhodesia Industries plan against government licensing, as it should be free-market based. Education  Minister  warns  that  Northern Rhodesia  will  face  a  serve shortage of talent if primary education is not given to every child. Mr. A. Zulu embarks on a plan to de-racialise the tourism industry and its infrastructure. Copperbelt councils reach an agreement on equal wages for all municipal employees in Western Province. Northern Rhodesia African Marketers Association donates £340 gift to 17 members of Chimwemwe market fire.

FEBRUARY 19 1964

Education Minister says the proposed University of Zambia in Lusaka is to confer its own degrees and the entry level to the institution would be at 'O' level, according to the Lockwood Report recommendations. The university will be built on a square mile site just outside the capital and is expected to cost £3.7 million during the first five years of operation – comprising some £2.1 million in capital expenditure and £1.6 million in running costs. In Britain the English Football Association Cup reaches quarterfinals. Liverpool beats Arsenal 1-0. Blackburn Rovers beats Oxford 3-1. Swansea knocks out Stoke City 2-0.

FEBRUARY 20 1964

BSAC's "gift" is an offer to pay for the proposed Northern Rhodesia University library building and books that are estimated to cost £100,000. The NR university entry requirements are lower than South African and British universities. Housing Minister Mr. Hyden Banda calls on municipal officials to embark on a crash Lusaka housing programme to meet a shortage of about 15,000 to 20,000 house units. Home Affairs Minister Kapwepwe is to spend £325,000 for Independence Day celebrations, termed the "Kwacha" festival when 300,000 people are expected from around the country in Lusaka.FEBRUARY 21 1964

Northern Rhodesia Post Service needs 50 engineers and technicians immediately. Anglo American Corporation today meets to solve racial problems in clubs. A Bill proposing to scrap the July 6 and 7 holidays being known as Rhodes and Founders Day is to be replaced with another name, not yet known for the holidays. April 15 is to be African Freedom Day. The Queen's birthday, which is on June the 13th, is to remain a holiday in Zambia. Mr. Tony Dahl, a Mazabuka sugar farmer, who built his own 5,000 pounds sugar

refinery, is to  form a  company Dahl Sugar Estates and wants  to  extend  his  refining services  to  other  sugar growers.

FEBRUARY 23 1964

The government’s introduction of new farm wages may put thousands of farm labourers at the risk of losing their jobs. Zambia Airways has two Dakota planes. A police Criminal Investigation Department car is stoned in Kankoyo Township, Ndola by ANC cadres accusing the occupants to be UNIP. The Northern Rhodesia Traders Association re- elects Mr. Puta as its president. Mr. Puta observes that no single African has ever received a loan. He advises the government to set aside loans for African businessmen. UNIP tells Mufulira residents to be patient with the government, as demand for jobs far outweighs the numner of jobs available. UNIP's J. Simukonda is arrested at a rally in Lusaka.

FEBRUARY 24 1964

Copper prices jump £17, the biggest jump since 1953. Government refutes Mr. Puta's claims that no loans have been given to Africans being given and says the Northern Rhodesia Private Enterprise Loan Foundation has awarded a total of 149 loans to Africans valued at £41,280. Northern Rhodesia’s first African Provincial Agricultural Officer Mr. Ignatius Muchangwe, aged 34, takes up his post today. It is the 8th day of strike action by 1,500 miners at Broken Hill mine. Lusaka City Council seeks £454,046 from government to build houses in Kabwata and Libala housing schemes. European  and  advanced  African  miners  change  to  new work conditions from daily pay to monthly pay.

FEBRUARY 25 1964

An  Agriculture  Revolution  is  planned  by  government  as  ten farm institutions each worth £30,000, are to be sited in Northern Rhodesia. "Valley of the Blind" – Luapula  Province – is to receive government assistance to build a secondary school for the blind in Lusaka. Broken Hill awaits television transmission to commence and talks take place discussing a microwave  link  to  bring  the  services  that  government wants before independence. Conditions in Lusaka's Hospital are "deplorable – thanks to 10 years of Federal idiocy", notes Health Minister Sikota Wina. The United Trade Unions Congress (UTUC) executive is to ask employers to introduce the proposed pension scheme.

FEBRUARY 26 1964

Cassius Clay is the new heavy weight-boxing champion at only 22-years-old after beating Sonny Liston. The general secretary of the National Union of Local Authorities Workers (NULA), Mr. T. Kankasa, says the union will continually press  for  the  replacement of  European personnel by Africans in unskilled and semi-skilled jobs. The United Trade Union Congress (UTUC) executive is worried about the high unemployment levels and wishes to see government  over the issue. Mr. Evelyn Rothschild, partner in N. M. Rothschild and Son is on a three-day visit of the Copperbelt. Barbers refuse to increase hair cut prices and stick to 5 shillings.

FEBRUARY 27 1964

Anglo  American  Chief  and  Kaunda  condemn discrimination at mine clubs. Four African staff trainees have  their  applications  for  membership  to  join  Nchanga Mine Club rejected. Chief Election Officer, Mr. Richard, is to burn all election material from last month's general election at Chilanga Cement furnaces. The UK Financial Times warns that copper faces a difficult future after the price rise is tamed. Northern Rhodesia has 21 African diplomats receiving training. Nottingham City raises £40,000 for Sinazongwe Fisheries Development  Scheme  in  its "Freedom from Hunger" campaign.

FEBRUARY 28 1964

European members of Roan Club, for 30 years a whites-only club for Nkana Mine employees, votes in favour of opening the club to all races. Roan Antelope and Luanshya Clubs tonight accepted their first Africans quietly. Mineral production in Northern Rhodesia is up by £7 million. A new company called Rodia Ltd is to build a £50,000 explosive factory at Kafironda. Lusaka City Council is to spend more than £1.5 million on the provision of sewerage and improvements on houses in Matero and Chilenje suburbs. To finance this project the Council increases rents. Trader sees minister over the sudden high rents hike of shops.

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