In Imansa, within the Kapiri Mposhi district of Central Province, Kankolo and Kambwili Community Schools confront infrastructure deficits, despite serving over 850 children as government institutions.

These schools share similar challenges, despite an increase in Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation, shedding light on broader issues within each constituency and the priorities set by its leaders.

The current Member of Parliament for Kapiri Mposhi Constituency is Stanley Kakubo, a former Foreign Affairs Minister in President Hakainde Hichilema’s government, who resigned in December last year over an alleged Chinese bribe.

However, he has yet to respond to MakanDay’s inquiry regarding the timeline for CDF support to be extended to these two schools.

Kankolo Community School

Originally established in the early 1990s as a community school, it now serves over 400 children after transitioning to a

government school two years ago. However, it faces numerous challenges primarily due to inadequate building structures.

During the rainy season, the children often seek shelter from nearby churches, but once the rains cease, students are left to learn outdoors or within deteriorating grass-thatched structures.

According to a teacher who chose to remain anonymous, the school employs only three government teachers and caters to students from pre-school to grade seven. The lack of desks dictates improvised seating arrangements, including the use of stones.

"We had applied for the Constitution Development Fund (CDF) and it was approved but they have taken long to start working on the project," he said.

The source also revealed that the school started receiving government grants last year, increasing to K21,000 this year from approximately K16,000. However, this grant cannot be used for school construction, posing a challenge even for acquiring desks due to inadequate and secure storage space.

Despite approval for funding from the CDF last year, no contractor has begun work at Kankolo school. Community members expressed dissatisfaction with the delay in project execution, especially considering other incomplete projects in the area.

Kambwili Community School

Another school in Imansa Ward facing similar challenges is Kambwili Community School. Established in 1996, it accommodates nearly 450 pupils from pre-school to grade six who learn under open grass-thatched structures and trees, often sitting on stones.

The school, overseen by one government teacher, Godfrey Zimba, who was transferred last year and serves as the headteacher, faces financial challenges due to the discontinuation of payments to community teachers with the introduction of free education.

MakanDay reached out to the councilor of Imansa ward, Muuka Patel, who confirmed that a contractor had been identified to complete Kakonyo Community School, with works expected to commence soon. Additionally, Kambwili Community School is set to receive CDF allocation in the next year's budget for the construction of a school building.