A letter allegedly authored by FNB's Chief Executive Officer, Kapumpe Chola, dated 16th May 2024, claiming the closure of all FNB branches in Zambia due to adverse economic conditions, has been widely circulated across various social media platforms, including WhatsApp groups.


However, upon thorough examination by MakanDa and subsequent verification with the bank, it has been confirmed that the letter, despite bearing FNB's letterhead, is not genuine.

After conducting our own investigations at several branches, including the Headquarters at Acacia Park in Lusaka, it is evident that the bank is open and conducting business as usual. Further consultations with FNB have solidified the determination that the letter is indeed fraudulent. Additionally, FNB has explicitly stated, "the bank is well-capitalised and remains dedicated to safeguarding its customers' investments and funds".

Kasali Mwaba Kaingu, FNB's Head of Strategic Marketing and Communication, informed MakanDay that FNB's Cairo and Makeni branches are currently undergoing scheduled platform and technology upgrades as of today, 17th May 2024. Affected customers have been duly notified through official channels and are being directed to alternative banking avenues to ensure seamless transactions.

FNB has reassured its clientele of its financial strength and commitment to providing uninterrupted services.