Hello, some time in April 2022 you wrote an article about IFPAB (the International Federation for Persons with Albinism and Blindness), regarding the loan scheme it had promised its members. I also learnt from your writeup that the same organisation had been reported to the ACC and the police. Is there any development regarding the ACC probe?

Despite the ongoing cases at ACC (Anti-Corruption Commission) and the police, the organisation has continued with its clandestine activities. In May this year, it invited most of its members to attend loan assessment sessions. At these sessions, the members were promised to get their loans within a few days.

Since May, the organisation has been giving excuse after excuse. One of the excuses, was that the disbursements from the overseas donor had delayed and the unknown local lender was still looking into the issue. This local lender would start by disbursing smaller amounts below K50,000 and then go to the bigger ones. Apparently, the local lender is shrouded in secrecy. The lender has not been disclosed. This could be an avenue for money laundering.

The loan coordinators never disclose the contact phone numbers for the top leadership of the organization for transparence’s sake.

The organisation is very good at extortion. They ask members to pay for the loan assessment forms, pay for insurance forms, pay for photocopying of documents, and pay for the transport and lunch allowances for the coordinators. People have been swindled of their money without any progress being made.

I hope you can use your journalistic investigative abilities to dig deeper and let us know what this organisation is up to.