MAKANDAY Media Centre’s new re-designed website is now live! The redesign emphasises a new digital upgrade that will see an increase in MAKANDAY’s online presence, readership and website traffic.

Latest stories and articles will be actively marketed on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

The main MAKANDAY home page features a stretch white masthead against a rectangular black background, while the old subject topics have been retained.

New links include “Junior Reporters” for educational training and the “Bulletin& Record” magazine archive. Another feature is the fact-checking and news verification link, “Is It Correct?”

MAKANDAY management extends its gratitude to Irish Aid, via the Embassy of Ireland in Lusaka, whose grant of 3,000 Euros partly funded the re-design.

“Without the Irish Aid grant, the redesign would not have been possible. We really appreciate this timely intervention,” a MAKANDAY spokesperson said.

Digital Marketing Agency, LH Group, was contracted to carry out the re-design, which will over the next weeks conclude with a targeted marketing campaign to help increase MAKANDAY website traffic.

In the 28 days following the official launch of the new site, the website’s analytics report shows a massive spike in website traffic from 27 users over the preceding 12-month period to almost 2,000 in the last 30 days.

“Overall, we feel that it has been a very successful month with our digital campaigns,” Emily Landless, LH Group Managing Director said in a statement.