The video in question features the Dutch Prime Minister, but it is important to clarify that the incident did not occur during the G20 meeting in India, as falsely claimed. The report has been widely circulated across various WhatsApp groups and certain Facebook pages.

VERDICT: While it is indeed Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in the video, it is essential to note that this incident did not take place at the recent G20 meeting held in India. A quick Google search conducted by MakanDay revealed that the video was initially shared in 2018 on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

Dutch diplomat Cees Van Beek, originally shared the video on his Twitter account on June 04, 2018 with a Turkish caption that translates to:

"Today, in the Parliament, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose coffee spilled on the floor, cleaned the area himself, accompanied by the applause of the parliament's cleaning staff."

Furthermore, the United Kingdom's Mail Online also published the video with the following caption:

"Floored: Dutch Prime Minister's attempt to clean his spilt coffee with a mop fails miserably as he has to ask parliament cleaners for help. This is the charming moment when Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte spills his coffee upon arrival at Parliament and then borrows a cleaner's mop to clean it up."

For the video, you can refer to this link: