Various online media outlets, including in WhatsApp groups, have showcased images of an almost completed two-storey 1x6 classroom block, purportedly belonging to Mandenga Primary School in Chirundu Constituency.

This architectural development signals a departure from the traditional 1x3 classroom blocks that have characterized school construction projects funded by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in the country since the early 90s.

To address skepticism among online viewers, MakanDay initiated a fact-checking mission. The constituency's Member of Parliament, Douglas Siakalima, who also serves as the Minister of Education, and oversees this area, confirmed the authenticity of the images through a WhatsApp message, stating proudly, "It's in my constituency."

Further insights were gathered in an interview with Nakubiana Shabongo, the Public Relations Officer of Chirundu Town Council. Shabongo disclosed that Chipochile Venture Limited led the construction, with financial support from the 2022 CDF allocation amounting to K1.9 million.

According to Shabongo, "This project is poised to redefine the educational landscape in the region."

The substantial increase in CDF, from K1.6 million to K25.7 million and now K30.6 million, has paved the way for ambitious construction projects, such as the Mandenga project, in the education sector.

The project has been praised by civic leaders and locals alike, including Beatrice Mweenda, a retired teacher from Chirundu's Lisutu area.

Mweenda commended, "That is the type of structure we need and should be constructing in districts. Chirundu should be applauded for this, especially the planners and architects within the council who designed the school."

The project is a response to President Hakainde Hichilema who recently underscored the urgency of constructing additional classroom blocks using funds from the CDF.

MakanDay confirms that the two-storey school building featured on various social media platforms is indeed Mandenga Primary School in Chirundu.