As the world gears towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR), Wanjelani's contribution in the advancement of digital technology on the African continent cannot be downplayed. 

He is a Strategic Relations and Solution Architect at LRMG, a Johannesburg-based human capital technology company. In simple terms he consults with organisations to solve business problems.

LRMG specialises in providing high performance consulting and technology to businesses looking to maximise their investment through talent development.

"As a Strategic Relations and Solution Architect, I implement technology solutions that enable human resources functions such as recruitment, training and performance management.”

At the core of Wanjelani's job is digital technology. LRMG uses Human Capital Management (HCM) technology platforms that have been touted as a game-changer in the business world.  

"HCM technologies are reliable human resource tools that unlock high performance through the effective delivery of training, learning and development of staff," Wanjelani explains.  

Some of LRMG's clients that Wanjelani has directly worked with are reputable multinational corporations in various sectors. 

"Over the past five years, I have delivered digital learning solutions to over 50 000 employees in some of Africa’s largest organisations:  banks, the insurance industry, manufacturing and information technology companies."  

His job is to equip these companies with tools to bolster high performance and improve service delivery and customer experience. His clients in South Africa where he currently lives include Standard Bank, Discovery Health, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Vodacom and Telkom among others. But he prides himself mostly for having worked with Zanaco Bank in Zambia, his motherland. 

"I was part of a team that reimagined and evolved training and development in the bank. We provided digital tools to staff to develop and enhance relevant skills in order for the bank to be on par with its competitors. The project increased Zanaco's market competitiveness among other industry players." 

Wanjelani adds that: “over the years I have witnessed how businesses that have disciplined people, disciplined thought and disciplined action towards a common goal, flourish”.  

He says: "Africa has the know-how and capability to continue playing in a highly competitive global marketplace. While the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) hold the highest possibilities for commerce and growth for all markets and industries globally, Africa is desirable for investment, offshoring and outsourcing".

Contributing to a project in his home country is a feat that has made him extremely proud. He was born in Kabwe, in the 80s.  Having lived in South Africa since the age of five, he reminisces about his country of birth.

"I returned to Zambia as an adult and appreciated the non-confrontational and mild-manner of the average Zambian person. I enjoyed the high levels of service and customer centricity and natural respect that still exist in our relatively conservative culture."

When he is back in South Africa, he misses some of Zambia’s traditional cuisine: "kapenta or a whole fried Tilapia fish with kalembula vegetables, rich gravy and a good old lump of nshima," which he says is second to none.

But with his mother living just a stone's throw away from him, he sometimes gets a treat of this delectable dish. 

He has more plans in the pipeline for his home country.  

"I want to venture into agriculture and livestock farming in Zambia.  I also want to partner with local businesses in advancing technology and digital app (application) related solutions.”

Having started his corporate career as a consultant for a talent acquisition company at just 18-years-old, Wanjelani is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. Using the experience he has garnered over the years he has partnered with his brother Brighton, to start B & M Entertainment, a project management, youth development, human resources and lifestyle company. Some of his clients include tech giants, automobile manufacturers and institutions of higher learning.

With his vast experience in the digital field coupled with his tech enthusiasm, Wanjelani is well poised to lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa. Watch this space!