Zambia police has shared a documentary that showcase investments and successes that Thrift Cooperative Society has scored for members' benefit. The documentary follows a MakanDay article which took a close look into the cooperative and its inner workings. Police officers make “mandatory” monthly savings contributions, but many are not profiting from their money.

The documentary can be watched on this link.

But it appears members are not buying into it as can be seen from the comments on both the MakanDay and Zambia Police Facebook pages.

Some members have asked for investigations into the cooperative. "

Davina Jehu Nimshi: "Erase it beforehand, you are torturing and mistreating the Zambia police service officers, please your excellence president HH look into this matter urgently."
Public comments from the police Facebook page

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga wondered what else the new Inspector General, Remmy Kajoba can say over the matter.

“I am failing to understand you, what do you expect the IG to say apart from what the general manager has said”, Mr Hamoonga asked the MakanDay reporter.

And Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Jack Mwiimbu has not yet responded to requests by MakanDay for an interview.